Dino Jeffers – Sound of Silence

Dino Jeffers 'The Sound Of Silence' from DIGBMX on Vimeo.

We all know how difficult flatland is, Dino Jeffers is deaf and I can’t imagine riding with the sound of silence, but Dino pulls it off really well. He has been a staple in the UK flatland scene for years. Living in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Dino teamed up with Peter Adam from DIG Magazine to produce this beautiful short edit to recognise his achievement. This video has already done the rounds on Facebook and over on DIG, big thanks Peter Adam and Will Smyth over at DIG for letting me share this. Respect to Dino!

7 thoughts on “Dino Jeffers – Sound of Silence

  1. All these years seeing his name in magazines like Dig in contest results and articles, and having a ton of respect for him being a regular in the scene out there in Europe for so long, and I had no idea he’d been doing it despite a huge obstacle like this. Total respect, and very inspirational!

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