Diversion TV Retrospective – York Jam 2002

Bobby Carter over at the Diversion LAB breaks this one down for you:

“York Jam was the mecca of flatland jams. It was like, if you were in the flatland game for a certain amount of time, at least once in your life you had to make the journey to York to participate in this event. 2002 was my year.
Riders include: Matt Wilhelm, James Kennedy, Brian Chapman, Stephen Cerra, Marcos Paulo de Jesus, and many more!”

One thought on “Diversion TV Retrospective – York Jam 2002

  1. James Kennedy was the man! NYC (he was actually from hoboken, NJ but was union square regular ) isn’t exactly loaded with flatland talent, but James was as good as they get. And he could ride it all! I would have loved to see where he would have taken his riding had he continued. He was one of the OG skavenger crew members.

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