DK Dayton Ohio Am Circuit finals results + Video!

Ton of videos already up online, check

The finals of the am circuit went down yesterday in Dayton Ohio at DK HQ, a lil rain held things off for a while, indeed Novice class went down in the rain, I don’t have all the full results yet, but I hear Matt Wilhelm won the Pro class, and below are the Master/Expert and intermediate results, congrats to Percy and Joel winning Master and Expert respectively. And to Bryan Huffman winning Expert overall for the year, and to Tyler Gilliard for winning the Masters overall! Good job to Steve Lapsley for making this whole circuit happen! Lot of positives from this first year, this looks like this really benefitting the US scene!

Year-end, overall results:
1. Bryan Huffman, 423 pts
2. Roy DeGuzman, 231 pts
3. Joel Schallhorn, 225 pts

1.Tyler Gilliard, 410 pts
2. Percy Marshall, 374 pts.
3. Prasheel Gopal, 302 pts.

2010 DK Master Flatland Final Results:
1. Percy Marshall
2. Lachlan Cameron
3. Tyler Gilliard
4. Todd Gully
5. Jody Temple
6. Bryan Rybak
7. Jorge Vasquez
8. Dave DuBuono
9. Prasheel Gopal
10. Jared Dichiara
11. Alex poirier
12. Darin Wright
13. Ron Monis
14. Koit McIntire

2010 DK Expert Flatland Final Results:
1. Joel Schallhorn
2. Andrew Wickham
3. Todd Carter
4. Andy Johnson
5. Bryan Huffman
6. Dan Sirkin
7. Mitchell Hall
8. Tony Strickler
9. Marty Clark
10. Alan Young
11. Scott Nagy
12. Joe Cicman
13. Steve Lapsley
14. Roy De Guzman
15. Mark Kuhlmann

2010 DK Intermediate Flatland Final Results:
1. Troy Merkle
2. Shaun Lapsley
3. Lea Dobrowski
4. Fat Tony
5. Chris McLean
6. Matt Holdron
7. Jake Jackson
8. Josh Hansen
9. Paul Newkirk

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