Dominican Republic Scene edit

This edit by Jose Polanco, documents the latest weekly Sunday gathering of flat riders from different cities of that country in the capital city of Santo Domingo.

4 thoughts on “Dominican Republic Scene edit

  1. Was good to see Alexis Guzman, the guy ripping on the GT Pro Freestyle Tour… it’s always nice to know that these bikes aren’t gathering dust in someone’s collection, but are actually getting ridden!

  2. Thanks a lot effraim,greetings from santo domingo! thanks Ramon, as well! alexis is a cool kid, and rides his butt off, he will ride nothing else but that gt, he once tried a more modern set up but for some reason he could’nt handle it.I hear you on the gathering dust tip, bikes were meant to be ridden! Effraim, much respect, I have been following your riding since you came out in a go! issue circa 1990 on a trickstar!

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