Dominik Nekolny – 1st Place BMX Cologne 2018

This year’s BMX Cologne finals was one of the best I have ever witnessed, particularly the top 5! Insane level of riding form everyone, and it takes a special something to take the crown at BMX Cologne, when you mix hard tricks that no one else is doing back to back from the start and a flawless run. Dominik Nekolny is the man, congratulations Dom! Winning the title for the Second year in a row to boot!

2 thoughts on “Dominik Nekolny – 1st Place BMX Cologne 2018

  1. Ageed , BIG E ! Crazy , his hard stuff……. one right after the other , line for line . Well deserved / earned …… indeed . Dom is , like you say……..way on another level with his combos these days ! I mean ……..seems like he just threw the x to x leg pivot hiker , mid run / on the fly ……….and that’s AFTER………….starting his run with the x leg hiker pivot , backward back packer , pivot back link ! Its like he has just got these so dialed ………theyre just normal moves for him now ………like a turbine switch hand steam ! Like you say Effraim ……..hard tricks pulled with ease ……THATS having style ! Not to mention the bar big steam , 360 flip , QUICK ….hand switch to half packer ….which he has so locked down , also . Ive already watched this run several times between my session yesterday , mate !

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