Dominik Nekolny – 1st Place UK Flatland Championships 2018

Dominik Nekolny is a true machine, snapping his bars the day before the UK Flatland Championships at home in Prague. Flying in, with a new set of bars that he wasn’t used to. Dom got the job done like it was nothing, his first run was flawless: watch it right here!

14 thoughts on “Dominik Nekolny – 1st Place UK Flatland Championships 2018

  1. Flawless run. Consistency at it’s best.
    Sick good looking black and chrome bike.
    Autum Bikes need to bring back this frame for sale.
    Dom is climbing up strong.
    He could be the next Flatark’s Champion.

    • @Acun – surprised he hasn’t already won it, Dom is that good. Actually I think a lot of times, his riding is so dialled its take for granted. It’s so amazing to see in real life.

  2. Amazing run.

    The more I watch Flat events in front of run-of-the-mill spectators, the more it seems nobody but Flatlanders understand what’s going on. Even when they’re told to ‘watch this’ and get excited — nothing but blank stares. It’d be something to see Flatland presented more like figure skating with some element of formality in the mix. Otherwise I think it’s left to the public as “Guys did some tricks on their bikes – it was neat. After that we got pretzels and checked out the guy making balloons.” I realize none of this new, but a man can wonder.

    Kudos to all who put on this fantastic event!

  3. That was great! I feel like we kind of get used to pro riders not touching, but we need to remind ourselves what crazy level this is!
    After so many years of riding I think that I can not even imagine how difficult it must be to reach that level.

  4. I watched it, then had much the same reaction that Joe did (his comments above…)

    It was difficult to contain my enthusiasm while watching it in a coffee-shop – I’d be jumping up and down seeing this in person. His riding is amazing.

    Thanks for posting this.

  5. If flat was presented like figure skating, the question is, will they force riders to do mandatory tricks or links?? I posted months ago, if that happened, it’d take away the free out of style,& originality. But, I agree and understand where you’re coming from with your comment. I just don’t think the IOC has the right to tell ‘us’ how to ride.

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