Dominik Nekolny – 2016 progress 01

As well know Dominik Nekolny does not play, heres the word from the man himself: “I decide to map my progress in 2016 this it the first one from Berlin – Doesnt look very as sexy as spin, but it’s fuckin hard – always wanted to do this one – not to pull the second pivot, but continue the link which is the hardest part.” Hit play already!

5 thoughts on “Dominik Nekolny – 2016 progress 01

  1. Amazing Dom! Surprised no love on this clip, thanks for sharing and looking forward to what you come up with the rest of the year. It’s so hard to not hit bars on the backwards backpacker pivot back to xft hitch, interested to try your technique of holding the peg rather the tyre. Respect!

  2. Typically the type of move that Dom will shortly include in the middle of his links like he’s been able to do it for years. I look forward to seeing where he takes it. I have the feeling he will soon go from X-foot hitch to opposite x-foot hitch in one move, without holding the backward backpacker position… sounds like a request !

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