Dominik Nekolný – Mitas xDOMx Tyre

In 2012 Dominik Nekolny was given the chance to design his own signature tyre, who certainly don’t see this very often in flatland! Here’s what he had to say about it plus the short clip of Dom riding back wheel!

“The tire is one of the most important components of the bike. Ever since , I always have a dream to have my own tire exactly according to my wishes and requirements.
This dream come true 10 years later, in early 2012, when I was contacted by Mitas willing to cooperate in the production of my signature tire. For design the tire, there were several important parameters. The most important of these was of course the adhesion of tires, which we managed to do absolutely great and is exactly on the border of excellent adhesion and durability while good tire, which is navigable evenly.
Equally important parameter was the design – I wanted to tire did not carry my name only, but also something that describes me, which I managed very well. Tire will be produced in two versions: Elite with flexible Kevlar construction and overall weight of breathtaking 280 grams. A further design in Classic with rigid steel construction and a total weight of 460 grams and casing lower price. All enclosures are manufactured in the Czech Republic!

The resulting tire has a very good design, excellent adhesion and reasonable price – everything from TOP tire expect!”

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