Dominik Nekolny New Switch edit!

“I just love that feeling when you finally pull whatever shit you’re working on…thats just Flatland!” Couldn’t agree more Dom!

12 thoughts on “Dominik Nekolny New Switch edit!

  1. TheFlatlandGods remind you that’s Michael Sommer’s switch from the last combo of Fleure in Auntumnum. Oh sure Michi did it to Frontyard glide but lets give credit where due

  2. TheFlatlandGods do, however, smile upon Dom’s aesthetic of not being afraid to kick the tire whilst using turbines, pumping and rolling techniques.

  3. I know he did something similar but this one is something different. So why should i give credits if i do something else? Its actually very different cause i have to wait for the frame and even push the frame… So maybe you should be more detailed if you want again talk about super-originality shit bla bla bla

  4. Dominik,
    TheFlatlandGods find it interesting you think waiting for the frame is more difficult, for it is our decree that not waiting for it is more difficult.

  5. let Michael Sommer thank TheFlatlandGods for the recognition but also let Michael Sommer say that Flatland should be fun and put a smile on your face (which you don´t get to see a lot these days) and that´s what flatland does to Dom.
    big ups to Dom for this new trick!

  6. thats right Michi…

    Dom…great work You bastard…Hope You pull it in Hradiste city…I starts to planning jamcomp durring film festival again, may be 27th of July…more info soon

  7. to TFG: One more thing – you should be maybe better in recognizing words then tricks 😉 – I wrote different not difficult 😉 just saying…

    to Michi: Thank you Michi! And dont get it personal – really didn’t know that Im doing exactly same trik like you…

    to Petas: Thanks man and for sure I’ll be there 🙂

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