11 thoughts on “Dominik Nekolny – OSG 14 Winning Run

  1. is this really real??
    that’s so amazing that I just don’t believe what I saw for the moment..

    Justin Miller vs Dominik Nekolny battles would have been soooo crazy if that could have been happening

    • Haha definitely real Hibou. Dom has really stepped it up the past few years, as Shane Badman said in his repo for osg14. His technical riding has really set “the standard”. Dom is performing at the highest level. So great to see!

      @mike – he got my vote! Killed it all year! And I know shame about the portrait mode, but I was just glad to see this run this morning 🙂

  2. Thanks for that!
    Flatlander of the year? Just putting it out there…

    But seriously, while the quality is quiite amazing being filmed on a phone in difficult lighting, who films a whole run in portrait mode? 😉

  3. Yeah Dom got my vote as well.

    The thing you don’t see is that the surface was super dusty/slippery, noise (a band was setting up + all the usual distractions at a festival) and getting on dark when he rode.

    And he nailed everything. Machine.

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