Dominik Nekolny qualifies 1st at Ninja Spin

Photo: Alex Jumelin.

Dominik Nekolny took the top spot going into tomorrow’s 12 rider final at the 2017 Ninja Spin contest in Grenoble, France. Good luck to all the finalists, any word on if there is a livestream anyone?

1 Dominik Nekolny
2 Moto Sasaki
3 Matthias Dandois
4 Jean William Prevost
5 Raphael Chiquet
6 Thomas Deschenaux
7 Kevin Nikulski
8 Bo Wade
9 Dustyn Alt
10 Oleg
11 Joris Bretagnolles
12 Sakis Doumas

13 Thomas Noyer
14 Kevin Jacob
15 Romain D
16 Sietse
17 Sebastian
18 Dan H
19 Bert Ribul
20 Didier Genet
21 Charles Paty
22 Miguel Pargas
23 Etienne Giraud
24 Jenza
25 Yannick Chauvel
26 Taku
27 Kevin Meyer

One thought on “Dominik Nekolny qualifies 1st at Ninja Spin

  1. I was watching the live feed on the Facebook group call Frenchy Flatland.
    The group still has all the coverage up on the page, go check it out!!
    I found out about it through the Facebook Global Flat page.

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