Dominik Nekolny qualifies first at the BMX Masters!

Photo by Camilo Gutierrez, DeepBMX.

Good turnout for the Masters this year, Dominik, Matthias, and Moto round out the top three! Last year’s winner Adam Kun in 4th! Really stoked to see Alexis Desolneux in the mix!!! That is awesome! As is Daniel Dhers entering flatland!!!

1 Dominik Nekolny [CZ]
2 Matthias Dandois [FR]
3 Moto Sasaki [JP]
4 Adam Kun [HU]
5 Dez Maarsen [NL]
6 Alexis Desolneux [FR]
7 Alex Jumelin [FR]
8 Jesse Puente [USA]
9 Pascal Nanko [GER]
10 J.F. Boulianne [CAN]
11 Bert Ribul [EST]
12 Markus Reich [GER]
13 Sebastian Pospischil [GER]
14 Andrew Cooper [USA]
15 Raul Figureroa [GER]
16 Kevin Nikulsky [GER]
17 Camilo Gutierrez [PER]
18 Alexis Ritsila [EST]
19 Keiji Nakamura [JAP]
20 Navid Saleki [SWE]
21 Stephan Fabien [FR]
22 Laszlo Tividar [HU]
23 Ronny Engelmann [GER]
24 Pawel Bobowik [POL]
25 David Nagy [HU]
26 David Hofmann [GER]
27 Davis Dudelis [LET]
28 John Krämer [GER]
29 Staphan Kornely [GER]
30 Sascha Heydemann [GER]
31 Daniel Dhers

6 thoughts on “Dominik Nekolny qualifies first at the BMX Masters!

    • I’m more interested in the fact, this is a traditional contest, 3 min run format, and it has a lot of love, 31 riders! This is great! Good work Deep crew!!!

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