Dominik Nekolny vs Jean William Prevost – Red Bull Circle of Balance

Without a doubt, one of the best battles of the contest! Both riders threw down! Epic!!!

If you missed the livefeed heres the link to watch it again:

17 thoughts on “Dominik Nekolny vs Jean William Prevost – Red Bull Circle of Balance

  1. I almost fell out of my chair watching this one on the live feed. So good! Downside of battle format is Dom rode amazing as well but was out after Dub killed it.

    • Thats very true Brian, you can also say the same for Alex Jumelin, who rode amazing vs Viki. But still the the whole event was amazing, everyone is stoked on flatland. This is great for us!

  2. I think the battle was close, but Dom had that. Dub was more original and his tricks were hard, but he touched way more. I know he “rode out” of those time machines, but he still jumped off right as he rode out and at times it looked like he was falling anyway. I love both of these guys as riders and as people, so I hope nobody takes my comments the wrong way :\

    • @TJ Perry Totally a fair comment to make. I personally thought Dub could have made sure by riding out the time machines, seemed to step off each one. Whilst I am stoked for Dub, I’m also a lil bummed for Dom, riding that well and going out… As you said TJ, both great riders and personalities.

  3. Very well observed, TJ! I saw that, too and I didn’t like it much. I really wasn’t sure Dub rode out of his links.
    But that battle had two winners. Shame we had to eliminate one rider from the competition!

  4. I think DUB was just afraid of the time running out. looking at those tricks especially pedal timemachine ride outs first hand i know that he could have ridden them out proper .he was just so focused on raising his hand to stop the clock.alot of the riders looked nervous out there. Hands down on of the best battles.

    Your a winner already if you were invited!! 🙂

  5. Dub was riding out anyways clearly shown there he just step off afterwards didnt youll notice he did that all the way up to the finals? Why waste a second on the clock each one counts! Great battle one of my favs!

  6. T.J i never take you comments the wrong way even when you were on Global Flat annoying the hell out of everyone , you even had MUTT in tears poor MUTT , great battle the best one of the day.

  7. It looked to me like most of those step offs from Dub were intentional. Either way… I saw some footage in later rounds where Dom was cheering on Dub and that was super cool to see. Really it looked like everyone was there supporting each other and the atmosphere was electric. Awesome for Flatland!

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