Dominik Nekolny wins BMX Cologne

Dominik Nekolny took the win at BMX Cologne for the second year in a row with an amazing flawless performance. The finals was absolutely electric, with Matthias Dandois throwing also another flawless run to take the second place spot. Matthias has yet to touch in 2018, I will keep saying how incredible that is, just wow!! Young buck Yu Katagiri is the real deal and rocked the flatland arena to take the third place spot in one of the most fierce finals I have ever seen. Jean William Prevost took the 4th spot, with homie Benjamin Hudson rounding out the top 5.

10 thoughts on “Dominik Nekolny wins BMX Cologne

  1. nice one Dom! that little ripper in 3rd is just awesome. also stoked that Terry Adams was in the finals as well

  2. Probably safe to say that Yu is the youngest rider to make the podium in the pro-class at the this event ever huh?

    • True Brandon, I wondered is that the youngest of all time? I haven’t back traced and looked but its got to be up there. Absolutely amazing talent.

  3. Not taking anything away from Dom, he’s a great rider. But, I think it’s also worth recognising that Terry’s still got the fire in the belly, and to still be up there in contests, after more than 10 years, is an achievement itself. Well done to all the riders.

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