Dominik Nekolny wins Fight the Winter 2016!

Photo: Frank Lucas.

Dominik Nekolny just won the annual Fight the Winter contest in Gottingen, Germany, followed on the podium by Alberto Moya and David Hoffman! Congratulations to Dom for the win, and Moya and David also rounding out the podium. Malte Oth won the Masters group, congratulations! Results below…

1st Dominik Nekolny
2nd Alberto Moya
3rd David Hoffmann
4th Kevin Nikulski
5th Markus Reich
6th Martin Drazil
7th Davis Dudelis
8th Dustyn Alt
9th Markus Schwital
10th Pavel Dort

1st Malte Orth
2nd Gino Stuart
3rd Sascha Heydeman

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