Dominik Nekolny wins Maples Vibes in Toronto!

Photo: Dominic Saleh Images.

Congratulations to Dominik Nekolny taking the win today at the Maple Vibes contest in Toronto, Canada, followed on the podium with Jean William Prevost and Jason Plourde! Dub also took the win in the best trick contest, congratulations Dub!

1- Dominik Nekolny
2- Jean William Prevost
3- Jason Plourde
4- Jean Francois Boulianne
5- Austin Luberda
6- Tyler Gilliard
7- Bryan Huffman

1- Ron Monis
2- Etienne Bergeron
3- Sergey Sanko
4- Adrian Furniss
5- Tony Schneidewind
6- Steve Lapsley
7- Craig Gaudet
8- Marty Clark
9- Andrew Sheltraw

1- Lachlan Cameron
2- Brandon Fenton
3- Paula Trix
4- Bertrand Williams
5- Allan Box

1- Bertrand Williams
2- Myles Xie
3- Evan DeRushie
4- Girisan Sivage

Best Trick Contest: sponsored by The TerraDome
Jean William Prevost

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