Don’t Cross The Shit Line – Full length flatland video

Full length flatland video – Don’t Cross The Shit Line from Brandon Gale on Vimeo.

It’s not too often we get sent full length flatland videos anymore, so this was a nice treat today from Brandon Gale. This full length video documents riding from the scenes in the Mid West, and Texas USA, featuring Ronald Monis, Hiro Tsuchida, Clancy Burke, Mike Hartman, Josh Hansen, Chad Gale,Jim McKay, Mark Dandridge, Paul Hahn, Mike Smith, Christopher Anderson, Jin Mahn Park, Todd Gully, Alan Young, Chris Armstrong, Libby Armstrong, Brant Hughes, Aaron Frost and Brandon Gale.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Cross The Shit Line – Full length flatland video

  1. Loved the vid. So cool! Frosty is so damn good. If he could nail this stuff at a comp he’d be on the podium for sure. Style for miles.

  2. Thanks a lot Rodney!!!!!! Means a lot coming from you, you’ve been killing to man I’ve been a huge fan of yours can’t wait to make that trip to Texas all you guys are so good! Envious of that scene there so much!!!!!!!! Riderz4life

  3. Nice video. Great to see so many different riders in one video like this.

    Brandon, I’m glad you moved to Texas, I will for sure be there soon enough. Can’t wait to finally meet you in person so you can tell me all of those things you put on FB to my face.


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