Doses 3

Every so often something gets through the radar, and this would be one of those videos. Doses 3 dropped on August 31st of last year, full videos are nowadays rare as you like! Big respect to Adam Guild for pushing through and making this project, featuring Lindsey La’akea Bode, Mitchell Hall, Erin Fricke, Louis Orth, Brett Middaugh, Ryan Nunies, Christopher Caylor, Jon Dowker, Bobby Carter, Les Butler, Roosevelt Taylor Tony DiPaolo, Rodney Morweiser, Jim Dellavalle, Junior Polanco Abreu, Barry Johnson, Fernando Novak, Will Danner. Doses 4 is scheduled for a sum me release.

3 thoughts on “Doses 3

  1. Wow thanks MR. LEGEND -Guilds , thanks BIG E for the post ! ALWAYS wanted to see this ,IT RULES !!!! So many different styles , loving the music , etc !! Lets see………………The BACKWARDS crack to BRAKELESS FULL BAR ,landing in backwards steam from the shredder riding at the tennis courts ,Adams BACKWARDS /switch hand STEM roller / bars big too , NEW footage of Erin ripping , a ripper doing multiple chick-squeaks , Lindseys KILLER garage combo in the DARK , Mitchell hall SHREDDING his BACK wheel as hard as he shreds his front wheel , LOVE his style , Jon Dowkers two footed backyard /switch -b move , NEW Tony Diapolo footage , NEW Junior Palanco footage , Les Butlers Miami hop-hops , and EVERY SINGLE PERSONS riding/flavor made this SUCH a RAD video !!! I have DOSES 1 AND 2 , RAD VIDEOS ALSO !!! THIS made me miss the days of full length videos , a real treat/motivator to watch before I garage sesh !! These past couple of days Ive just been watching videos on FLATMATTERS , sesh, watching videos on FLATMATTERS , sesh, REPEAT !!! Cant think of ANY better way to spend some days off from work and the RADDEST way to start the new year !!! THANX AGAIN BIG E and THANX Adam for taking the time/passion to make such a rad/diverse/ripping/ video !!!! Happy new year !!!

  2. That guy on the courts is Mark Harris from New Jersey!!! He is so good. The footage of Dipalo is actually his 12 year old son doing those hand rails.

  3. RAD !!! DUDE that BRAKELESS FULL BAR outta that BACKWARDS crack was CLEAN/DIALED !!! Yeaaaah MARK HARRIS !!!! Man I was WONDERING who that street SHREDDER was !! PROPS to his son !!!! HUGE PROPS !!!!!!! THANX for that info Adam !!!!!!

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