Drew Henderson-20 years later

The word from Drew: thanks for this in:

“20 years ago I rode my last flatland comp and quit riding around 1991. About a year ago I stumbled upon bmxfreestyler.com and wondered if I could pick up riding again. Here is a quick edit after being back on my bike for the last 10 months. Thanks to all the Oklahoma locals who have encouraged me along the way!”

4 thoughts on “Drew Henderson-20 years later

  1. Good for you Drew! You’re riding smooth. I too have been out of the freestyle scene for the last twenty years and just recently dusted off my 1988 Haro Master… Although I’m not riding anywhere as good as you are! Glad to see someone else getting back into it.

  2. Scott,
    I remember your name from the KOF days, right? I moved out to the midwest later on in high school, but I went to several of those New England comps back in the day. Looks like several of the new england guys are still riding (cavanaugh, upjohn, chapman) from what I see on youtube and facebook…..glad to hear you are riding again.

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