Effraim Catlow Bike Check: Zion Focus prototype

Had couple of requests for the bikechecks to return, starting with mine. Currently testing the first version of the Sam Foakes signature “Focus” Zion frame, so far so good, the frame is really responsive, Sam and Mislav are making a few changes to the thickness of tubing on the next prototype (Sam would like more weight), and angle of back chainstays, and change to the back dropouts…At only a few months old it’s to early to talk about the strength of the frame, but the frame for the most part, rides extremely well. Just a few minor details to change.

Frame: Sam Foakes “Focus (Mid Version 4.2 pounds).
Forks: Odyssey Pro Flatland
Aheadset: Zion
Bars: OG Caramel 3’s (inch cut off either side).
Barends: Wtp Ti
Griplocks: Ares
Grips: Animal Edwin
Stem: Bizhouse (Gyro Cover to cover up sharp edges on Crackpacker type tricks)
Seatpost: Thomason
Seatclamp: Profile Slim Jim
Seat: Odyssey 99er
Tyres: Odyssey Frequency G’s K lytes 1.75
Tubes: Duro
Front wheel: Profile SS Hub, 48 radial, Odyssey Sevenka rim.
Pegs: Fly Gomez magnesium front and back..
Back Wheel: 48 Cross spoke, (double butted), G sport rim, Profile shell, Nankai internals, 11 tooth back cog.
Chainring: Profile KP 28.
Chain: KMC Light
Chain Tensioner Hoffman + adaptors for 10mm to 14mm dropouts
Cranks: Profile flatland, 165, Hollow Cro-mo axle
Bottom Bracket: Shadow, Spanish bb

8 thoughts on “Effraim Catlow Bike Check: Zion Focus prototype

  1. I'd like to see you try it on my stem lee hahaha, legs be cut to death… bottom edges are super sharp, can't file it too much, so gyro cover was the easiest alternative…

  2. Effraim, if you have any input on this frame…Plz make sure the rear stays have atleast a good inch of tapering if not a tiny bit more. I really love this frame and am going to wait it out, but it would be a major let down as a backwheel rider for there to be a lack of taper, and my toes/feet be forced into chainstay pain.

  3. Thanks for comments, I'm sure sam will read these comments and take note… I know he's changing back dropouts, definitely an area that needs to improve… Actually the whole backend is, the weight of bike is 22.3, Pijin weighed it last time I was down there.. Keep the feedback coming peole, thanks…

  4. The bike checks will for sure keep coming, of all the articles I put up on the blog, the bikechecks seem to get the most feedback.

  5. I love those bars,it seems to have the perfect geometry to me(even better than CHASES ODY),but they are taking forever to come.

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