Effraim Catlow – Flatmatters exclusive #20

For the last three weeks I’ve been struggling to shake a back injury, last night when I filmed this combo, something clicked back into place, felt like a kid again. Yesterday was a good day, with news of my signature E-frame dropping and getting this clip! Stoked on progression!

15 thoughts on “Effraim Catlow – Flatmatters exclusive #20

    • Thanks everyone for the motivational feedback, really happy how this linked turned out! Onwards and upwards, clip 21 next on the E frame sometime sooner rather than later. No idea what that will be be, but I kind of like that spur of the moment feeling.

  1. one thing i love the most about flatland riding, is when i see someone just rolling so SMOOTHLY in and out of tricks, love the style !

  2. I knew E was bomb but this combo is still trippin me out. Really like the way you start it off on the back wheel especially and then there’s so much more gravy after that.

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