Effraim Catlow Interview – Scott O’Brien Flatland Podcast

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This afternoon Scott O’Brien I caught up with Scott O’Brien to talk about running Flatmatters, competing at the top of my game during the X Game days and teaching BMX skills to kids. It was awesome to catch up with Scott, go and download the anchor app and subscribe to Scott’s show.

8 thoughts on “Effraim Catlow Interview – Scott O’Brien Flatland Podcast

    • Thanks Valance, glad you enjoyed it! Was a lot of fun catching up with Scott, so easy to do via phone like this. Looking forward to where the podcast goes in the future.

  1. Sooooo awesome E!! I was smiling the entire way through that sick interview dude, so proud of you man. Can’t wait to tune into the next one 🙂 such an inspiration, big love x

  2. What a great interview. I think Scott did a great job- especially at the end when it came time to point out the history and long time value in what Mr Effraim Catlows’ contributions have given flatland BMX both on and off his bike.
    Much love, much respect.
    Flat matters.

  3. Props to Scott for starting this interview series! Great to hear people’s insights and thoughts on the sport and what’s happening in their personal life. And I want to second what Scott was saying about all you’ve done for the sport running Flatmatters, E. Having Flatmatters to watch what people are doing in Flatland has been motivating for me personally and inspiring. So thank you.

    And lastly, I don’t know if others have had this experience – but clicking the link on the website to listen on my phone has been choppy with buffering. But today I tried the app and it was seamless listening experience. For whatever that’s worth.

  4. F——KN RAD-BANGING -SEEEEZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIEEEEED – DOPE-TIMES 7 !!!!! LOVED THIS !!!! SOOOOOO funny I was ACTUALLY gonna go get my very own FLATMATTERS -t-shirt MADE , with BIG E s PERMISSION off course , HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA !!!! Been thinking about THAT for weeks , was gonna use black letters / red shirt !! SUCH a RIPPING job on this podcast MR. AMBASSADORS of bmx FLATLAND =BIG E and MR. BUUUUUUURRRRDEN !!! GREAT job guys !!!! Man THIS stokes me OUT for the REST of THIS month , I SWEAR , SOOOOOOOOO AMMMMPPPED on THIS !!! Gonna get these apps so I CAN listen to the WHOLE interview , cuts off after 4 minutes , BUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTT the 4 MINUTES I DID hear have me PUUUUUMMMMMPED / HUUUUUUUUNNNNNGGGGRRRYYY to hear the REST of THIS !!!! As BIG E would say……AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTT !!!! THANKS AGAIN GUYS !!! RESPECT / LOVE / HONOR to you both !!!!! FLATMATTERS and VOODOO JAM annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd NOW this PODCAST , MAKING our ARTFORM that much MORE progressive / united / set in TIMELESS stone……………..TIMES 7 !!!!!!!

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