Effraim Catlow steps down from Deco BMX!


Leaving sponsors is never an easy decision, I recently decided to step down from the DecoBMX team position. I would like to thank Chad Degroot and Terry Adams for hooking me up with a frame, and giving me the opportunity to represent the Deco brand.
For all those wondering I haven’t left for another sponsor, but instead I felt like trying something fresh, and bought a new frame and will post a bike check shortly. I am always bit uncomfortable with posting news about myself, so I will keep this short and sweet.

4 thoughts on “Effraim Catlow steps down from Deco BMX!

  1. Terry Adams held a frame giveaway contest on instagram contest to see who would tag the most friends on his photo. Have you put any thought in to what contest you will use to give away your deco frame?

    May I suggest whomever guesses your new frame first…ps, my guess is heresy 🙂

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