Eighties revival?! Haro demo at the Worlds

1986.. I was at the Poole UKBFA National, competing in the Under 12 class on flat and ramp, and watched the Haro team (Ron Wilkerson, Brian Blyther, Dave Nourie), they blew my mind with their energy, and how high they were going, certainly influnced me as a young rider…. 2009, the ex haro team are back and doing a demo at the Worlds this year, f**king awesome!

4 thoughts on “Eighties revival?! Haro demo at the Worlds

  1. Thats awesome you know i was at the Poole UKBFA National back in 1986 i got the comp on dvd i'm in the crowd ,i remember it so well the first time i saw the Americans ride in person apart from the Kellogs stuff on t.v , these guys still rip Blyther(41)Wilkerson(43)Nourie(43) i've seen some footage from 2009 bmx reunion at Woodward Ron still has it and that bike wow loved those Peregrine mags used to wheel dance like him ha ha,really cool these guys got so much respect for them as people and riders.

  2. The revival era is well and truly back Howard,this years Woodward west reunion looked nuts, hopefully the worlds will bring a few old faces out the woodwork, I'm looking 4ward to the Haro show now and watching bestwick ride.

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