10 thoughts on “Ells Bells Glote in 8 parts

  1. This is my favourite video of all time. Period. Stoked it’s up on YouTube… I watched my VHS copy so much back in the day I literally wore the tape out.

    Always got psyched on Ell’s vids, whatever happened to him??

    • yo its the badman!!!
      Firstly agree the Ells videos were great! They still are! 665 and a half was my favourite, no idea what happened to Ells? So if anyone randomly happens to know what happened to him, post up, im sure many of us would like to know.

  2. Yo dude, that’s one of my favorite videos too. I couldn’t find any copy but now i can get my fix everyday. That movie’s dope!!

  3. When I lived in Phoenix Arizona several years back for a Winter I met up with Ells. He wasn’t riding much back then if at all. He was in a heavy metal band called “Magnet Plan” though. He gave me one of his CD’s. I believe a friend of his was trying to sell his old bike on the museum forums not long ago.

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