Encounter magazine Issue 4 soon!

With Texas Toast blowing up right now, it’s easy to forget whats going on in the rest of the World. Encounter is pretty much the best magazine that is covering flatland right now! Cannot wait to see what issue 4 has in store. For now it looks like Ucchie has the cover!

What’s inside Encounter magazine Issue 4?

DMC Interview – An interview of Dennis McCoy, aka DMC. Asking about the behind scene of Dew Tour.

Florida Trip – Hiroshi Uehara, the owner of Fourthirty and the head judge of KOG visited Chad Degroot, a legendarily flatland rider at Florida.

Hiroshi Uehara Interview – Hiroshi Uehara is the founder of Fourthirty. He currently owns 3 shops and his brand, Fourthrity is known as the one of the famous street apparel in Japan.

UK / Estonia trip – Trip to Simpel session via London, UK.

Portugal Trip

A theme and answers – Asking KOG champions about the past, present and future of KOG.

Keiji’s Australia Exploration – Keiji is currently living Australia and hit the road to explore Skateparks and the nature.

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