EnjoytheTrick 2013 revised

EnjoytheTrick-2013-revised from mark rainha on Vimeo.

A little teaser for the winter classic, produced by enjoythetrick.com/ . The jam will be held at lumberyardmtb.com/ on the 5th of January. With great sponsors involved, such as flatware and primo / tip plus the jam promises to be a good time. There will be a bunnyhop comp during the event as well as best trick. The winners will take home some incredible prizes; including a Federal frame and a Flat Matters frame. Thanks to all the sponsors and their help.
Primo / Tip Plus
Flat Matters
The Lumberyard
Ink Brigade
Goods Bmx
East County Bmx
Flatweb Tv
Community Bmx
and more….

3 thoughts on “EnjoytheTrick 2013 revised

  1. One quick correction. The frame being given away as a prize is a Flatware frame and not a Flat Matters frame. The person who put the video together got the names mixed up.

    Thanks for posting the video.

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