Episode 30: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Bryan Huffman

YO!!! We made it!

30 episodes of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, I am pretty hyped to make it to thirty episodes without skipping a beat. Bryan Huffman from Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA stepped up for the honours, and dropped a really nice back wheel line with a sweet x-handed pumping junkyard to boot.
Bryan is a flatland lifer, I believe he has had 10 ACL knee surgeries and is still continuing to push his riding on the daily. Much respect to Bryan!

Who’s got episode 31?

Dropping on Sunday 5pm GMT…

10 thoughts on “Episode 30: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Bryan Huffman

  1. I can personally vouch for one of those blow outs. You did it at the ESPN Destination Extreme finals in San Diego in September of 1996. I believe you were trying a rollaid during your run and and landed kinda awkward. Looked painful but Effraim isn’t wrong- that’s massive dedication. Respect

  2. Thanks everyone and Cory is correct. It’s been a challenge and very frustrating, having to deal with all the re-learning after each surgery and mental aspect of being afraid of being hurt again to losing tricks forever due to my knee. Even though I don’t have a lot of flexibility in my knee, I’m still happy just to be to ride.

  3. Some details I REALLY like about Bryans exclusive combo clip……….the bar spin to right cross inside lard , rolling his inside cross rope … locomotive , x-arm , and no handed style , LOVE those variations ! The whole link was SLLAAAAAAMMED . Thanks for contributing , Bryan ! Flowing line , indeed ! I honestly had no idea of Bryans injury …..till we were chatting over breakfast , before the pre-jam @ the Flatland Voodoo Jam , 2019 . I was really thrown back him explaining to me just how severe it was / is ……talk about a CORE rider , TIMES 7 . To me……that alone make me have even MORE respect for him as a dedicated flatlander …..not to mention seeing a video edit of his riding from 1996 to 2013ish that Bobby Carter had shared on F.B. ………..I had like NO idea that Bryan had that big of a tricktionary on his bike , I mean I kinda had an idea ,but sitting there watching the whole edit……..I was in shock , haha. Like Big-E said…….hes a LIFER in bmx flatland ! Mad respect Oil Slick Ninja aka creator of the no handed forward rope a roni , circa 1993 , I think ?! Not sure ….I DO know he HAS created a TON of stuff though …..Bobby Burge and I had a really cool chat about Bryans bmx career / skills , a couple weeks ago after we had a session together ….. Huffman RULES ……HUFF PACKER for the WIN , his section in Doses 9 was really , really good !

  4. Bryan is an amazing rider with an unlimited trickionary. A true inspiration to many of us who are riding into our late 40s and 50s.Thanks for all you have done.

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