Episode 7: How to Mega Spin

Welcome back to episode 7 of how to flatland, this episode I teach you how to mega spin. A back wheel trick invented by the one and only, Kevin Jones.

This trick I feel is all about your set up, and as you will see in the video. The importance of the balancing leg swinging into the direction you spin. If you stand on the peg with your left foot like me, your swinging leg will be your right foot. If you spin the opposite direction, vive versa.

Learn the swinging motion and to control the bike with one stiff, two scuff, three scuff as shown in the video. Once you have those dialled, then move on and try and add more scuffs, paying attention to the fact the more you scuff the faster the spin goes.

If you have a brake, the only time you really would even think about using it is on the rideout. But bear in my mind if you are spinning quickly and lock the brake, you will spin even faster. Thats another variation right there.


Focus on the swinging leg going into the spin.

Learn the 1,2,3 scuffing technique.

Learn to use your scuffing foot as straight as possible, this helps control the bike a lot more,

To ride out, slow the spin down and spot your pedals. I set up my pedals right foot forward so the pedal is easily reachable when it is time to ride out.

The mega spin is a fun one to learn, this trick is all about the entry to it and getting into the spin as quickly as possible.

Have learn learning this one, and let me know in the comments any problems you are having, or if this helped.

Enjoy flatland.

8 thoughts on “Episode 7: How to Mega Spin

  1. Hi Effraim, it took me some time to learn the megaspin and I think it is right what you mention here. But there is a lot more. For me it was very important to find out which level of leaning of the bike I need and maybe the most important: The front wheel should be not too high above the ground! It was very important to find that I needed to have my left arm more or less straight and the right a bit bent which is also important for the leaning of the bike. And the body must be held backward and low (knee of the left leg a little bent).
    My experience in general is that different riders do/learn tricks in a different way and in the end do them in a different way. So maybe someone else will do it not like me, but I am sure it will be important for anyone to experiment with what I described: How hight is the front wheel, how are your arms, how is the bike leaned, how is your body leaning…
    What do you think?

    • That’s interesting because I don’t lean the bike at all. Like you say everyone is different, what I would say is if you follow the how to from a beginner level you wouldn’t be too far off which is my intention. Things like the wheel being low depends greatly on the person, I don’t think any rider does a trick the same as the next, that’s one of the things that keeps flatland so unique.

  2. I agree, everyone is different… But I think it might help people to tell them what parameters are important for the trick. Maybe a beginner would not even notice that leaning and how high the front wheel is are important aspects of the Megaspin. So I think it is helpful to highlight that these are things one should experiment with to finally find one’s own way of doing the trick.
    In every case it is great that you spend time and do these videos! Every hint helps!

    • Leaning causes the bike to turbine from my experience , that’s a different how to in my opinion. The wheel height is subjective, chose to leave it out as different for everyone I’ve taught would just confuse. Kept it simple. Do you swing your leg to go directly into a mega spin, sounds like you peg wheelie into it?

  3. Thanks Big – E ! Hope this video will help me with my whack mega spins , haha. I just gave up on em years ago , settled for spastic gerators instead , haha, but NOW I think this how to from you will really help out . Cheers mate !!

  4. Credit for the invention of megaspins needs to go to Jason Parkes. Him and Chris Day were both doing these for a couple of years before anyone had heard of the K. Thanks.

  5. I square it up and stare at the center of the crossbar, so instead of leaning into the spin I am straight, with arms locked, I do the same with initial pivot into the trick . On upside down ones I tend to lean more into the spin as the narrow peg gripping is spazzy

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