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Something a lil’ different to break the edit after edit posting at the moment. And you can count on Eugene Collins to do that. Check his artwork above and description below:

“The narrative and inspiration for this three piece series spans a period of about 20 years and can be read about in the my book “The Infinitesimal Secrets of The Flatland Kings”. Originally drawn 20 years ago, this is number two in a series of three pieces. The medium is color pencil on poster board. I chose this because at the time I was most comfortable with it. At this time in my life, I was progressing as an artist and a professional rider of BMX flatland freestyle. This piece is a two-dimensional expression born from the deep-seated passion of being a BMX flatland freestyle artist. Like all artist, the flatlander seeks to share an uncharted territory in the realm of thought and creativity. This work is a visual ode to the moment in every artist’s life when he realizes that everything in life is connected to truth and balance. It is also a narrative of liberation, confidence and control. This piece seeks to illustrate the very beginning of self awareness as an artist and what it means to reach a point in time when he can master the art of creatively sharing his sentiments with others. It also underscores the need for every artist to be in touch with ones inner child and not take yourself too seriously. Every piece in this series has been torn apart and pieced back together. The reason
for this as well as more in-depth details about this piece can be read about in chapter two of the book. The series has also survived the threat of annihilation by Hurricane Katrina. I have restore these pieces, affixing them to custom made floating wooden canvases and sealing them in epoxy resin. Hanging hardware will be included.”

6 thoughts on “Eugene Collins Artwork

  1. Loved the visual and the prose! As a former New Orleans resident, I love the fact that the piece,much like the city, has undergone a forced and agonizing reconstruction that would have sunk many a less seaworthy ship. This is a great representation of New Orleans’ rich character, and your efforts to restore and save it only add to its overall esthetic significance. Like communities/cultures, locations and surfaces (we love our surfaces) riders are confronted by the elements, physical limitations, mental exhaustion but battle back in the name of progression.

    • Thanks E-Ron! It means so much that you appreciate it! If I can motivate/inspire just one other rider/artist I believe it’s worth the time spent preparing them.

  2. THE leader of the N.O. FLATLAND KINGZ , RAD masterpiece / words of wisdom KING COLLINS ! I aint forgot bout your book review on f.b. , Im a get on that , just been busy with work , campeon !! Damn this is a dope work of art ! RESPECT / HONOR to you , bruva !!

  3. You’re welcome Eugene, I always appreciate good manners. Will the prints have ‘what’s goin on in flatland’, or it’s an infinite artform? That’s your comments on Diversion, if you remember.

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