11 thoughts on “Expert edit @ Flatmatters King of Southsea contest!

  1. Ashley (in orange t) has a great future if he sticks at it, super clean first run! Stoked how quick Chris got this edit done!

  2. Nice one you managed to get my only pulled trick ( which i didn't even complete ) in my last ever comp run that's it folks ,props bro ,that french guy was awesome.

  3. Yep Yannick was sick, and also Mike P's nosemanual stuff was awesome, really well executed!! Thanks for coming and supporting Howard!

  4. my pleasure E , i'll always support flatland but not compete under the spotlight , hope you guys understand , ride on Flat 4 Life.

  5. No worries Howard! Understandable, contests arent easy at all! You've supported for a long time by entering, time for the new guys to step up!

  6. Cool edit! Thanks so much for organising this event E.

    Ashley's megaspin to time-machine was a really cool moment. Totally inspiring

  7. Thanks for coming carter! Nice progression from you, keep it up! Hope to see you soon. Bit too tired to make brighton jam today…

  8. Regarding the judging in expert i personally would'nt of placed Ashley and Salvador above Cunners 360's and decade's ,bar spin backwards wheelie's etc are'nt a patch on ill front wheel moves Cunners was doing , Vlad should of been higher just my opinion mind i only judge what i see ,French guy deserved the win without as doubt, not sure on 2nd place guy though.

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