Fight with flight highlights video

Fat tony is kicking arse with updates,Great riding from all, standouts have to be Moto’s combo’s and Dominiks xft steam kickflip to crackpacker, awesome to see progressive riding like that in a contest!! We’ll have report up soon…

6 thoughts on “Fight with flight highlights video

  1. Crazy looking contest, Moto's and Dom's combos blow me away, so good!!! Fat Tony did great job covering this event, Live twitter updates, final battle video, photos, this highlights video and he got 2nd place in his class, great stuff!!!

  2. Motos bars are silly big! Must be a 9 inch bar!! Def feeling jean Williams riding, great to see a new name in the mix. Great for the US scene to have big contest like this, Wilhelm must be psyched to win that comp!

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