12 thoughts on “First KOG vid up already!

  1. Interesting format, gotta be on your shit to win that! Moto is on fire!! Format is probably easier with judges i would imagine..

  2. bah i'm kinda bummed about that one-try rule at the end. Seems kinda cruel… you know the crowd wants to see them try it at least one more time!

    "sorry homie…. you're done" I'd wanna say F that S, you know!

  3. I felt like I was there. Very nice indeed! I liked the fast pace that was going. Hard to try and pull your links first try. Makes for a intense battle with no touching.

  4. yeah upon further reflection, rules are rules and it's not fair to take away from others' time either i guess. Sorry to be so spastic.

  5. It def makes the flow better, the MC controlled that the best ive seen in a contest. Ive seen riders bend rules countless times in their favour, one more try etc…a rule is fine is it the same for everyone, they all know what to practise for. Way better show, actually some tension there then.

  6. How should there be KOG for a player?
    How should KOG have a relationship with a society in future.

    KOG struggle to find a good answer.
    I would like to keep watching the contest with a broaden perspective, not a narrow view.

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