Fise 2013 Flat Finals Broadcast + AM Results!

Finale BMX Flat Pro – FR – FISE World… by fise

Here is the french recording of the Fise 2013 Flat finals! At over 1 hour 20, it was quite a show! If you missed it, or want to rewatch here it is!

Congratulations to Kamai Jenza holding the top spot from prelims through to the finals, anyone have any AM footage from the contest?

Fise AM Finals

1- Kamai Jenza
2- Page Fred
3- Brill Kevin
4- Issabre Gaz
5- Pargas Miguel
6- Melone Renaud
7- Meyer Kevin
8- Feliz Guillaume
9- Vasseur Dorian
10- Delaporte Nicolas

2 thoughts on “Fise 2013 Flat Finals Broadcast + AM Results!

  1. Watching the video I’m amazed how windy it seems, crazy! Great event, Great riding! Love Keelan’s style!

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