Fise World Women’s Class Photogallery by Melissa Zucchiatti

The womens class is gaining momentum at each stop of the Fise World tour, Melissa Zucchiatti was on hand to document some of the riding and once again dropped in some awesome photographs to share with the Flatland World. Enjoy!

I was quite surprised to see Erin Fricke at the Fise World in Montpellier, a sickness bug held her back from placing higher. Nevertheless it’s always a treat to see Erin do her thing.

Husband and wife, Celine Vaes and Raphael Chiquet share an emotional moment after Celine finished her run.

Ekaterina Kruglova brings a street flavour to her flatland which is so good to watch, you never know whats coming next. Caught mid frame stand surfer in between the street style.

Julia Preuss from Germany killed it to take second place in Montpellier, moving her up to fifth place in the year end rankings. This girl has the skills, watch out for her.

Erin Fracke, mid backward Karl Kruzer during the finals.

Few better people in flatland than Irina Sadovnik, who killed it once again in Montpellier to lock in second place in the year end ranking and all with a smile on her face.

Irina had us all on tender hooks each time she went for her x-handed whiplash (here pictured setting up for x handed hang 5), each time getting closer and closer to the 5ft drop at the end of the flatland arena. This did make for a funny re-inact on the dance floor at the Aussie bar Sunday night. Good times and third place finish to boot!

Misaki Katagiri made the trip to Montpellier from Japan and took home first place with her smooth backwards hitchhikers and bar flip peg squeakers. Style for miles.

2 thoughts on “Fise World Women’s Class Photogallery by Melissa Zucchiatti

  1. great photos as always from Melissa … i’ve got a crush on Gyaos aka Misaki she just got sponsored by NOUS too <3 they're building quite the team lately hope we get a team edit soon

  2. I thought that was Erin, it’s great seeing her ride, as she’s a great rider. Maybe we’ll see some 40 s’thing women riding more often. Not sure of Erin’s age.

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