Flat chat with Erik Otto (Part Two)

Lets get back on track.So you mentioned before you got some really old footage of Chase and Kevin from Bryan Huffman, whens that all going online?
Ah, the old footage. Yeah I have to edit that one soon. I want to be able to give Brian his tape back by the York Jam. It has some classic stuff. There was a contest here in 93 with Dennis McCoy, Gabe Weed, Chase Gouin and more. For Chase fans, this stuff is a goldmine. There is one part where Chase is practicing inside of a skatepark in the flat section between some ramps and this little kid is bombing around on his bike messing him up. It’s hilarious.

That in Pennsylvania?
Yup, Shimersville I believe
Yeah yeah I’ve seen that.
Awesome I look forward 2 seeing your edit though, what are your top 5 web edits Erik? You must look at them differently being a filmer/editor.
I watch everyones stuff. I love to see what everyone is doing. Top 5, hmm well I would have to say the Sevisual with Matthias and Adam Kun rules. That is one I would pay for. I always loved Lee Musselwhite’s Inertia promo with Radiohead, that was killer. The Cory Fester part in the Global-Flat Edmonton 2007 was insanely good. I love my boys from Texas so I always see what Rad Dad Mark Dandridge is doing with BMX Freestyler.com.

Yeah, everyone loves Rad dad.
He may be the nicest guy I have ever met.

Even more the us lovely english folk haha
I would love to see more of the UK represented at Voodoo. I have been wanting to meet Keelan and Lee for a while. Met Sam last year, he’s a great guy. I am stoked that Paul Chamberlain is coming to the York Jam this year.
Is he?
Yup, from his own mouth.
Haha nice. I guess everyone wants to meet Kevin, he’s one of only guys I’ve never met..
Kevin sorta stays away from the limelight. He rides but the jam isn’t like it used to be where everyone wants to see him ride. Everyone goes now to commiserate and have fun. Kevin and the York crew will be there riding just like any other Saturday. Kevin is a new daddy. That is hot off the press.

Awesome, lets wrap this up Erik, we could talk for hours, let me give you a choice of 5 riders to film with, who would they be and why?
Wow, hmm. I would love to film the guys that we never see that much of anymore. I would love to film with Jeff DesRoche, Lee Musselwhite, Paul Osicka, Trevor Meyer and of course Mr. Jones.

I forgot to ask, what camera equipment do you use?
My gear, I use a Sony HVR-Z1U HDV camera as my primary and shoot stills with my Canon Digital Rebel 850xt. I love them both.

Any final shoutouts?
I would love to thank Kevin Jones, Steph Cerra, Tony Strickler, Aaron Frost, The Austin Texas crew, The York PA crew, my man Alain Massabova from Cream and the Frenchmen. Last but not least my boys Scott O’Brien and Terry Adams. They are like my extended southern family.

Thanks for your time Erik.
Anytime. You know me, we could do this everyday, ha ha.

We probably could yeah.

(end of flatchat)

Erik’s latest edit “Flatland soldiers”.

Two Flatland Soldiers from Erik Otto on Vimeo.

Erik’s Vimeo channel


One thought on “Flat chat with Erik Otto (Part Two)

  1. “There is one part where Chase is practicing inside of a skatepark in the flat section between some ramps and this little kid is bombing around on his bike messing him up. It’s hilarious.”

    Aha – so this is the bit that Chase relates to Ells in “DeD”. 🙂

    Great web video clips, Erik, and I’m really looking forward to that old footage!

    Campbell from Sydney

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