Flat doesn’t matter at the BMX Masters!!

I guess like many of you, you received the BMX masters press release today, it’s kinda weird after the “flatland eats itself” post today, that one of the longest and biggest flatland contests of the year is now no more.

“Flatland has been growing and the demands on the right surrounding area and surface with it! It has become very specific up to a point where we are unable to fulfill the needs of the today´s flatlander at the Jugendpark.”

It wasn’t just flatland, vert has fell victim as well, despite being one of the best events last year. So there will be only Dirt, Park and Super Ramp. It’s a sad week for flatland, with the news of no worlds and now this. But i’m not surprised after the fallout from the (worlds) masters last year, the organisers had a lot of complaints about the floor, another one bites the dust! This is real food for thought! What’s next to go, Fise?

Martin at global flat messaged me with this news:


13 thoughts on “Flat doesn’t matter at the BMX Masters!!

  1. I started my competition riding at the masters and I ended it at the jugenpark. Anyway, yeah, it is a shame no more but flatland will stand straight with or without it.

  2. Let s make an underground flatland comp at the spot next to the Hyatt Hotel !!…Hard tricks and ride !!!….just an idea…Anyways, flatland FOR LIFE !!!!

  3. I helped run the flatland last year along with my father as many of you know, and the amount of bitching rhat went on about almost everything is I'm almost I'm 100 percent sure why the masters is no longer including flat, this contest has me and many others great memories. As martti stated he first competed in koln, in what is now the street area. It's a sad state of affairs and I honestly believe we have to take a look at ourselves. History is repeating itself.
    I here a few German riders are organising a jam, which is admirable. But not the same. Support the events we have left…

  4. sad news for we in Brazil, because me, Balu and more 3 friends buy antecipad the air ticket last week to go the bmx masters, im will have my first travel in another country and will know and ride with the guys im watch in videos since im started in flatland

  5. Perhaps contests are not the future for flatland.
    Maybe there needs to be some sort of event that celebrates flatland and let's us ride together and progress together instead of competing against one another and the organizers and the surface and everything else at a contest.

    I don't know what format that is, but it would be awesome if "Zebu" was flying out to some sort of flatland festival to do the very things he anticipated doing.

  6. As I already mentioned on twitter, serious thought should be given to trying to involve Relentless/TheOrder into Euro Flatland.

    TheOrder has a very defining and cohesive identity that strives for personal excellence.

    Just a thought, I have a lot of respect for what Relentless has done with TheOrder. Too bad they are not in North America.

  7. History, indeed, seems to be repeating itself. In my more than 20 years in flatland with local and national comps, flatlanders are always the most fickle and vocal. It is just the nature of flatlanders, for some reason.

    The only real way to have a flat comp is if it is organized by the riders or with mucho rider involvement. Otherwise people don't want to bear the brunt of criticism which they don't understand. "It's flat, what's the problem?"

    We don't just hit a ramp and trick. We repeat our combos for hours and it can be hard to adapt to different situations and handicaps. Ask Steve Swope about this…

  8. wooow, another cancel… Koln was also for me the first comp, realy sad, but we should realy celebrates flatland instead of battleing each other, i like the progressive sessions more, where you can look and ride till you die…
    this is sad, but also saves me some money, so Martti and Viki, what going on in ''Mad''drid? or ''Hell''sinki? let me/us know if we shall book any tickets! hahah and i'll come and ride!
    see you at ground tacticsss

  9. I like what Bobby said, there needs to be some kind of celebration of all this great riding we see daily, somewhere in the world, which is not about competitive spirit but about the community, and sharing the flatland love!!

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