Flatark – 26/28th October

Yohei Uchino just dropped the poster for the annual Flatark contest in Kobe, Japan. 26/28th October is the date for your calendar, this year I have been invited to judge the event so look out for plenty of exclusive coverage from this contest on the site.

8 thoughts on “Flatark – 26/28th October

  1. Is it though? Do all of the riders really want all of the money to go to only the first place winner? (Or first and second)

  2. Yeah, I’m just concerned about the state of flatland when pretty much five people are the only ones to ever win a contest nowadays. It has to be really discouraging for others to try to break through that ceiling and then not be able to make any money to offset the cost of travel/time off work to attend the contest. I mean, congrats to whichever of those five riders “wins” but it’s starting to look like everyone else is just there for window dressing and if they get zero support to attend, what’s the motivation to bother–to clap for someone else who gets everything? Just seems a bit lopsided IMO.

  3. Pretty sure if I was one of those 5 I would see if the other four would agree to split it up if any of us won…..lol

  4. Even though I said I’m not sure flat’s dying in response to the person saying that, I think I see the point here. I guess this is not dissimilar to riders who are getting support to attend contests. Of course those that ride full time are usually more dialed, and therefore place well at events.Hence why we’re seeing the established names place well. And that’s the reality. If you’ve got support in what you need to do well, then it gives these riders more chances of placing well.

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