Flatark Prize Money Breakdown Announced!


As I reported yesterday the Flatark crew are starting to hype up what does promise to be the event of the year! The World Circuit finals, Flatark in Kobe, Japan on the 25th October. Many rumours about the prize money, and riders saving tricks for this round. Check the breakdown of cash for the top 12 riders, dialled!

“First big news!
FLATARK Pro class final is illumination of stage!
Final is 25th of October (Sun) 18:00-21:00
It will be an amazing stage and final!
Don’t miss it!”

“The second big news is about prize money!

1st place: 5,000,000 JPY (About 40,500 USD)
2nd-8th place: 100,000 JPY (About 810 USD)
9th-12th place: 50,000 JPY (About 405 USD)
*today’s exchange rate, 1USD=124JPY
Who will get this big winning prize???”

12 thoughts on “Flatark Prize Money Breakdown Announced!

  1. Really cool to have that amount of a prize purse for flatland but the difference between 1st & 2nd is insane…..

    I fear this could cause a lot of animosity between riders.

  2. Mr M is on the money here (see what I did?) what with all that moolah and the drama that tends to attatch itself to the judging of pro level Flatland BMX… I believe there may be some tears and some toys thrown out of prams!! But still its brilliant to see this kind of investment.

  3. I think it’s genius!! A games only. Old runs are not going to pay here. I also think it will bring people to the contest that usually stay away. I’m excited I get to see this go down in person.

  4. Definitely have a point there Mr Yull it adds a real excitement and edge to the proceedings and a huge incentive to bring out the absolute best. The atmosphere will be unbelievable I certainly would like to go.

  5. Hope your right John but high pressure comps with a lot of money at skate usually result in riders playing it safe not going all out.

    I would of thought the opposite too regarding attracting riders, only one person can pay for there trip with the win.

    Not saying it’s all about money but it’s a factor for every rider. An even distribution of prize money (even over top 3) would of been way more appealing, and would also reduce pressure thus more likely to have riders pushing themselfs in the comp.

    Pressure and flatland aren’t really good mates hahahaha

  6. There are lots of Pro riders that won’t go there because it won’t even pay the travel costs. There are only a hand full of contenders for that 1st place spot, we all know who they are. This contest is for them only.

  7. Not really guys. First you gotta ask yourself what was the prize money before? And was that stoping riders from coming? Its a smart thing they did here! To me it looks like they drop the invite format and put the money they spent on bringing the riders across to the prize money instead which is a good thing! And to me flatark is a contest where everyone goes for first place… ive seen the guys came 2nd and 3rd and they dont look to pleasing so its an exciting feeling where you just come for the win! But overall its just great to see them put that kind of money for flatland and alot of other people should start doing that to bring up the sport and show respect to the riders that train so hard and pay there own money to go to a contest! I say raise the prize money and almost all flatland contest will have a great turn out of riders! Just saying 🙂

  8. Hoping this big $$$ gets all these pros with there secret tricks to risk it.

    Those who play safe for the dollars might miss out if somebody comes with a banger and sticks it.

    I can see the drama of, if a handful of riders pull new bangers, That is a lot of money to be pissed about giving your all and losing. Last years results i recall being a bit controversial. I think if second and third at least where pulling 2500 usd, wouldn’t be so bad but 800usd, thats a kick in the guts.

  9. Seeing that every contest regardless of how much money is on the line, there’s always some kind of drama/bitching about the judging, this just seems to be a set up for disaster. All the top riders bring their a game at all the big contests, so I wouldn’t think that adding more money is going to “motivate” anyone any more than normal. It’s great that they were able to put a up almost a $48,000 dollar purse, but 85% to the winner? They’d get more riders to show if it was spread out a little more sensibly.

  10. I really wish Paul Osicka would go ! Im dying to see what his sessions look like theses days ! I think this is gonna be as nail biting as the first three man battle at Voodoo 04 , still get chills watching that today !!!! Gonna be a rad comp , hope Musselwhite , the whole Heresy team , O.G Marton , Hoteke , and Quentin Perlison compete just to name a few ……………………and Will Redd , etc , etc !!!!!!

  11. Distrubution of the prize money is absolute rubbish! Lee is right! Also, when was the last time there was a CLEAR winner of a flat comp? SMH!

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