Flatchat with Martti Kuoppa (Part Two)

I think flat misses the day of when Martti used to wallop everyone, and you knew who won, now its so close, you know what I mean?
Please explain. So close..? My thinking is that flat misses the days when lot of guys come over to the comp to bust out in the jam circle in the practice. Many guys and always some new tricks were going on…
By close I mean, any of top guys can win, but back then, if you rode good, you clearly won. But yes jam circles or more maybe just sessions are sorely missed..
Hmm, never thought of it that way…
Why is that?
Soul of flatland is confused at this time.
Which is interesting, because hardly any money in it at the mo, should be more artistic than ever.
Maybe we need totally intense back Martti haha.
True. But also, the level has been raised pretty high. Chase, Kev and few others raised it high long time ago. So many tricks, difficult tricks have been done and it just gets more difficult to be original, so that’s a small issue I believe.
That’s very true, also the reason why contests are so close now…
What was the last contest you went away satisfied with how you rode?
Last time I was in a good shape was 2007 KOG finals. I rode really well in practice, non stop freestyle without any mistakes. But then at the comp, not so good.
I cannot remember. That must be year 2002 x games or the worlds
Hehe. I got a breakdown after the x games 2003, because I repeated too many before I went there and ended up getting the last place. Osaka 2005 or 2006 either year
That you rode well?
But the organization of the comp didn’t allow me to go to the next round, because they had to make the sponsors of the comp happy. I rode well in the battle against York. But I lost it. And lot of people in the crowd were booing on the judgment.
Yeah. I was bit bitter afterwards to hear the reason for it but I tried to understand.
And do you understand, or will always be one of those things that bugs you?
I just haven’t been able to focus on repeating the combos after 2003. I have been repeating switches but not combos. So, how I freestyle is that I have to have most of the switches under my control and then I just link them together how I feel like it. It is definitely more interesting that combo riding. I hate set combos more than anything.I love and hate riding.
The craziest relation ship of my life has been to a piece of metal. Love and hate. Very extremes..Hehe.

KGB Martti Kuoppa Freestyle 2007 Japan from inTRIKat on Vimeo.

I can understand you changing your style, after everything that’s happened. Its a love hate relationship. So many highs and lows.
I have been going through a lot regarding this issue and it is not an easy thing to handle. But I am working on it all the time and digesting slowly what, why, how and where…
But it’s also been the best relationship of my life the only one that lasts, hehe.
I cant even imagine Martti, for a rider such as yourself that’s paved the way. I don’t think a lot off riders understand the work ethic that goes into being that rider at the top
I cannot get rid of it no matter how much I want sometimes.
Still have a big urge to compete?
It come and goes. Really depends on my mood of day. As I have told before that I got really sick physically because of stressing about the comps I cannot really go into that mindset. Just because the physical sickness gets me down, or it can get me down. I have to be easy on my thoughts, relax, and work on a lot how to relax.
Yeah, you looked like you had a lot of fun in the best trick last year at masters?
Hmmm. probably still drunk. shit.. damn, but yeah, it was fun.
I know a lot of people were stoked when you casually dropped that blender
They just need to do something about the floor at the masters. First it is good then the contest day it is so dusty that it is difficult to do a funky chicken there as far as scuffing goes.Hehe. Legendary blender. which wasn’t named by blender by me.
That is a name from Mark Losey. I named it the spinning unicycle in the first place.
Interesting, yeah blender was originally spinning steamroller from Ross Smith,long time ago.
Effraim flat anorak comes out ha-ha
Some flatland knowledge that no one knows about, whaaaaaaattttt???
Like Nerd that I know that

I thought that original blender was x footed circle K.
Was that one to, so many same names for tricks.
What are your plans for this year?
Whats going on with kgb?

Right now everything seems to be open.
And your working in bike shop? is that full time? KGB parts in there?
I told my sponsor end of last year that I won´t be competing and they cut off my budget. Then I change my mind and I told them okay, I will do 5 -7 comps. So right now they are thinking about it and so on.
That Red Bull?
Yeah, right now I am working. Not sure how long I will be working there, but I am sort of searching what to do when I grow up, hehe. I take things as they come to me. I am just being patient to see. Of course I would like to continue pro life as a flatlander but only if my sponsors are supporting me enough to get by in that world. if not, then I just do something else to get the food on the table. as simple as I can express it.
Yeah true enough, So right now I am open to anything. work, riding, move out from Finland,. Maybe I move to Tenerife and rent some beach chairs and sell ice cream on the beach.
See yourself down in Madrid with Viki?
That’s one possibility.
Ok Martti lets close this we could talk for days already been hour and a half, with couple of light hearted favourite lists
Five people you’d love to start competing again?
What do you mean? Five people I would like to see competing again?
Oh and one question I forgot, many riders over the years pop in a tape of you to get motivation, what do you look at?
I look at smart moves. Not necessarily difficulty, but I admire smartness in moves. Like afterwards you think like “why the hell I didn’t think of that because it is easy and it is just right there” that is purity of originality
Andrew Faris
Day Smith
You mentioned about jam circles, sessions back in the day, got me thinking about old faces, seemed to be lot more mutual respect back then…
Jason Brown
Trevor Meyer
Edgar Placencia.
Interesting list, lot of respect for the old guard.
Drinks of choice Martti, top five?
Straight Whisky no rocks
Whisky with cola
Cherry vodka.
any final thanks martti
Hey. Thanks again Effraim!! Talk to you later!
Thanks to all the riders out there showing your support to the pro riders and others. Thanks to good people and everyone who ever gave me the helping hand on the way!!Yes. Indeed!
Thanks for the continued inspiration since 96!!


Lil clip from Martti on Jason Brown’s “5 combos” video.

5 thoughts on “Flatchat with Martti Kuoppa (Part Two)

  1. Great interview…FYI, the original blender was the spinning steamroller but it was done by Ryuji Hora, not Ross Smith. He really cranked one out at the end of his run @ the NJ AFA Masters in 1988…

    All the best…

    ~josh evans~

  2. Thanks for comment Josh, was just going off what it said in Freestylin report way back in the day, i remember Ryuji Hora, that guy was amazing.

  3. If you can somehow get your hands on his qualifying run from NJ 1988, do so. His run in the finals was off the hook, as well. That guy was totally ahead of his time.

    All the best…

    ~josh evans~

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