Flatland BMX School by Markus Schwital

Markus got in contact looking for help sponsorship wise with a Flatland BMX School he is running, read on!

How I came to the idea to start the project “Flatland BMX School?”

“When I was a kid I also went to a BMX Flatland School that was organized in the next bigger city quite close from my village. I was so happy to be a part of it and at the and i won the small Flatland School Contest .. that was awesome. So now I´m riding my BMX for 10 years and decided that i will do the same great thing this summer – a BMX Flatland School for kids that a new on there bike. The Flat School gave me so much motivation that i still ride today and this is the aspect i wanna give these kids! Today I designed my first logo for the school and I´m still on the search for the on or other sponsor that could offer a few gifts that I could give away as prices for the winners of the BMX Flatland School.
Would be awesome if some company could give my a little support to make my event and the final contest an unforgettable event for the little riders!”

Markus Schwital

Contact: markuss11@gmx.de

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