7 thoughts on “Flatland Fracas Flickr Gallery by Kieran Chapman

  1. I hate to sound obtuse but how did this contest fly so far under the radar? I had no idea it was even happening 😐

  2. Wow TJ! It was on Global flat, both as a listed event and the teaser video was posted on there, as well as websites like Flatmatters, Collateral, etc…it was tweeted, facebooked and instagrammed about by Freegun, Profile, Deco, flatlandfuel, st Martin, 90east, Bizhouse, s&m, Gabe Weed, FatBMX overseas, Quest / gurustix, and that’s just the “outlets” I was keeping track of!… Are you sarcastically saying you heard about it too much??? Haha We had riders from 13 states show up, including Cali and Canada so I feel we did a great job of publicizing…. Maybe we will see you next year!

  3. We also had flyers handed out at VooDoo jam, and the host bike shop has a huge following, plus New England itself has a thriving BMX scene it should be proud of!

    Please try to join us next time, it was a blast….

  4. I’m not being sarcastic at all. I rarely venture onto global anymore, and I didn’t see it get tweeted or facebooked about. I check flatmatters every morning when I get up (like right now) and I didn’t see it at all. I almost feel like even with all the social media stuff these days you still need a rider to say to another rider “dude, are you GOING?!” or else it’s lost in the shuffle. It looked like a lot of fun though and something I’d like to check out.

  5. True, even with that many “channels” of info, you would have to be tuned to that specific channel, or in many cases…follow a certain dude or company, and see a specific post at the right time!

    It’s crazy like that!

    We are working on a few recap videos in the next week, so watch for those!

  6. I hear ya! There are so many “channels” for info now, you’d have to specifically tuned to that channel at the right time!

    Keep it on your radar for next year, it was a blast!

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