Flatland Immersion Podcast 4

Today is all about the podcasts and Dusty Tweedhopoe is on fire with his new Flatland Immersion Podcast! Today he dropped the 4th episode, where he discusses the winners of the 2018 Flatmattersonline year end awards and all the latest edits from the New Year, Flatark news, Simon O’Brien’s Landscapes 3, Martti Kuoppa’s coaching and much more. Go and support Dusty and leave him a comment, show some love.

4 thoughts on “Flatland Immersion Podcast 4

  1. Thank you Dusty for the props about the Outstanding Contribution Award!! It is a honour for me to win that Award from FLATMATTERS. Effraim does a great job and deserves all the credits.

  2. Congrats for the podcast Dusty! You give love and support to Flatland..really enjoy
    those podcasts! You need A LOT of coffees to watch those 100 Freestyler episodes cause its around 15 hours footage!!!Hahaha!!

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