Flatland Immersion Podcast with Effraim Catlow

A couple of weeks in between the Fise Montpellier and the Cologne, Dusty Tweedhope got in contact to interview for his Flatland Immersion Podcast. We discuss running Flatmattersonline, my flatland school, my new video project, injuries, judging over the years and current day as head judge, and how I practise judging in between events and a while lot more. Hope you all enjoy this one, really enjoyed being on the opposite end of what I am used to.

3 thoughts on “Flatland Immersion Podcast with Effraim Catlow

  1. My fav parts as follows:

    There’s no bad tricks to learn

    Building your skill on the ground

    Hashtag: too good for Instagram

    Pro riders on contracts

    Keeping it real with the judging (objective) (good / bad days)

    Bad judging breed bad riding

    Being on the top can be an issue

    Comparing cologne to tampa pro

    Music selection

    Sport / Artform

    Honourable mention – was listening to this while watching Michele Maiolani Must Watch which relates to this podcast.

    • Thank you valance, im stoked you took something out of this. Really enjoyed being on the opposite end this time round, was a great chat with Dusty. Thank you for featuring me Dusty!

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