Flatland Immersion Podcast with Misato Ito

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Misato rips on a bike, whether training his students at his flat school in Japan, practicing at his spot, or on the big stages of the Fise World Series. Not only does he throw down some of the craziest and lines on his bike, but he is one of the most chilled riders on the circuit. Dusty Tweedhope catches up with Mr Ito, really enjoyed this chat with Misato!

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3 thoughts on “Flatland Immersion Podcast with Misato Ito

  1. Such a dope rider to select , THIS cat right here ! Having chatted , and sessioned with him @ the Flatland Voodoo Jam , 2017 and this year ……I can proudly say , as Dusty states , he is as rad off his bike as he is on it . Quintuple switch foot rockets to p-cades , back to pumping rockets !! QUINTUPLE !!! N.B.D. , I think so ! Back side walk arounds outta combos , his SUPER flowed fire haul , whiplashes to cross fire hauls , CAUGHT to turbine rockets , SLLLAAAAAMMMMMMED , indeed ! His brakeless front end flow to back wheel flow , utilizing , FULLY showing the capabilities of a REAR brake …I just love that he chose that direction of riding / set up on his bike , too . Masato is so approachable . Between chilling , having a cig , chatting with his wife …he graciously threw down a cool line ..FIRST try for my phone , which I STILL watch to this day. He was STOKED when I asked him to do it , ZERO hesitation ! Not to mention the area he pulled it on was a bowled in storm drain , still he nailed the line FIRST try ! Masato is a lot like Jorge Viki Gomez…….a TEXT BOOK definition of a pro bmxer , TIMES 7. Add the fact that he coaching the NEXT generation of flatlanders , well………..that just makes him even more dope as a bmx flatland representative for the masses . Hope to see , session , and chat with him soon ! Gracias , Dusty ….you KNOW how to pick em , cabrone !!

    • Yeahhhhh Rodney thank you man! You definitely know game when you see it! Masato is the shit. Super nice guy; and absolute killer on the bike. If you got that clip of him dropping a line for you tag me in it! I wanna see!
      Thanks again man!

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