3 thoughts on “Flatland meets B-boy “Roadworks – Diversion”

  1. Bit poncy all the dancing (too Billy Elliot for me) i mean hardcore B-Boy material you would see in 1984 in the South Bronx or in an underground hip hop club in New York i love that shit check out Wild Style,Beat Street etc real urban feel to it and that as well as the Graffin that made hip hop self expression talented MC’s and Grandmaster’s etc .

    Todays breakin / B-Boy material is a bit mainstream and glamed up for me artists are combining it with a more theatrical and ballet type scenario to the masses its lost its appeal and is generally thought of as ” the new thing ” great talent but i’d save all that for “Britains Got Talent” or some lame rap act in the charts , any form of self expression is an extension of our personalities its a blessing granted and both outlets are from an urban background where Battles are commonplace thats the only real similarity but combining flatland with it is like combining Road Racing with the complete works of Mozart or the Waltz it doesn’t gel.

    Nice edit and filming technique .

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