Flatland returns to the X Games!


Massive news today, Flatland is back in the mix at the X Games! No word yet on who is invited, how you qualify, etc. I would presume World Circuit standings and possibly a few invites thrown in will be they will way this go! I shall post more news as it unfolds. Thanks to Terry Adams for the heads up on this great news. Hit the link below for the ESPn photo galley and word on the return of flatland to the X Games!

* Hopefully this is not april fools joke…


17 thoughts on “Flatland returns to the X Games!

  1. ” (…) will be given the center stage, (…)”
    And a Pool of Water around it? Who is going to fall in first?
    Awesome News! Hope its going to turn out great

  2. Are we all suppose to be greatful one of the corporate slave masters allows Flatland to be on Tv and in the xgames??? As far as im concerned ESPN should stay away from all things BMX forever and stick to their corporate School Games and leave us alone….

  3. jason we can use the publicity world wide ! for the youth to be inspired to ride !
    and for us makes it a better world to ride in aswell is what i think..each their own opinion though 😉

  4. I knew this was fake when it mentioned R.L.
    Is a drag that flat isn’t in there anymore for the exposure alone.

  5. flatland is healthy and wether ESPN or you are involved….its alive and well. We have been through a lot….that lot is all of us. mainstream or the small stream should mean nothing if you truly love what you do. #flatlandmatters as long as it means something to you. Kill it my friends.

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