8 thoughts on “Flatland Tricky Website

  1. What’s weird is that I noticed on both the lard yard & cyclone that it’s on the opposite side of the bike from where most people do the tricks. On the wall is an image of the lard yard which is on the correct side of the bike, but the demo rider is on the other side.

    • Hello Sean,
      because we have a 3D data we can display it the way we want. If you apply a miror effect on the data, you can produce the left foot or right foot trick. User can choose : )
      Quentin Pelorson.

  2. Flatland…..look at an app and presto! Your a faglander! Hey there….its me! Billy fucking Mays!!! And I am here to tell you about my faglander app! It’s as simple as downloading my app and within minutes you to can become the gayest flatlander ever!!!! Within minutes you’ll feel compelled to try my gay tricks and within minutes you’ll be faglanding. No practice necessary! It’s crazy! You watch…..and bam!!! You’ll be faglanding within minutes!!!! It’s not science or physics. It’s not hard work or creatitivity. It’s in my fucking app! Stop! What you’re doing! And check out my app. Only a creative self starting loner would not buy right now!

    • Whether meant as a joke or not, I think comments such as this are discriminatory and deserve to be removed.

      Quentin – well done on this groundbreaking piece of work. I know a lot of people are really excited to see the full app soon.

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