Flatmatters in Ride UK!

About a month and a half ago I spent the day with Ride UK editor and main photographer Nathan Beddows searching for a different place to shoot a photo for Issue 158 Love/hate page, with three years of flatmatters coming up & three years since the flatmatters page left the pages of Ride UK Magazine, it seemed the right time to do something, I am really stoked how this turned out! Thanks to Nathan for the coverage, much appreciated!

7 thoughts on “Flatmatters in Ride UK!

  1. Blimey Wheres Mark Noble gone ? i’d never thought i’d see the day when flat gets a mention let alone a page in Ride UK seems flatland isn’t forgotten after all,props E nice work and coverage 🙂

  2. I don’t think its a regular thing guys, its gone a bit mental on the facebook post of this.
    Mark runs deluxe now and contributes to Case magazine…
    Its def helped get to to first bass, lot of people have seen it in southsea and asked about flatland and how to get into it.

  3. its a good piece Effraim any publicity is good publicity ,i mean i talk to kids at work they have a go etc you know comps,demos,word of mouth,You-Tube etc these can influence curious minds into what they want ,as you can guess from Facebook i’m not a big fan of Ride or Dig loved it late 90’s and the Invert/Freestyle BMX Days but its all a bit dry now all street its good for BMX but flat relys on the internet now even for the latest edits seems dvd’s are a thing of the past as well its all online now a good thing in a way but doesn’t do much in the sales dept , i think flat will remain underground its good in a way as it does not conform to the media and riders can dictate whats going to happen ,it in a percentage term is under 10% overall flatland ,as the average joe want to jump or whaatever and has not got the patience to learn flatland ,hell its frustrating enough for me at times haha , but as flatland companies and products go it couldn’t be better so much variety and that will grow as rider input is more commonplace,nice work E i will have a look in WH Smiths tommorow,cool 🙂

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