Flatmatters jam @ TGM this weekend!!

With the flatmatters jam fast approaching this weekend, from now till the jam, time to feature some great videos from the iconic flatland spot in West Norwood, London! Firstly remember this sick edit from the infamous 2007 jam filmed/edited by Colin Smith.

Green Mile jam 2007 from colin smith on Vimeo.

10 thoughts on “Flatmatters jam @ TGM this weekend!!

  1. sam foakes is quite good
    james white you need to work out more ………….some one need to clean the camera lens

  2. Gonna be a belter looking forward to it 🙂 Mario where are you ? when he was younger Whitey looked like Jason Hassel big time.

  3. In these days of constant web-edits etcetera, it’s very refreshing to see a long length, well filmed & edited film about some blokes riding around on bikes!

    Colin Smith always knows what’s up!

    (sick riding too, that goes without saying)

  4. I remember watching this and hoping to one day be able to do multiple whiplashes,hiker whips and turbine halfpackers. This video was a huge influence in my riding, so cool to watch it again.

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